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Patreon will be a great place for me to continue building my original series and creating paintings and drawings that I love! Getting to share my knowledge, experience and connect with you guys while I create greater and better projects and new merchandise.

In return, my awesome patrons will get updated on current projects and behind the scenes of the creative process and learn tips and advice about drawing and painting and vote to see what I'll be working on next!

Step by step process

Get to see how I create my artworks, digitally and traditionally. With step by step pictures with brief description.

Learning how I start off my drawing with the initial sketch and then transferring it to the final drawing whether if it's traditional or digital and add the finishing touches and making it the completed artwork.

Early access and work in progress

Get to see the newest artworks I created and also works in progress on other art projects that I'm working on!

Thanks to my patrons, they allow me to continue creating and building my original content and also to explore, experiment, practice, and learning more.

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