"Aki Jiyuujou - Wisdomt True Heart - OC" - 9" x 12" inches
"Jibril - No Game No Life" - 11" x 14" inches
"L and Yagami Light - Death Note" - 11" x 14" inches
"My Neighbour Totoro" - 11" x 14" inches
"May Shinx - Wisdom True Heart - OC" - 9" x 12" inches
"Howl's Moving Castle" - 9" x 12" inches
"Butterfly Metamorphosis" - 11" x 14" inches
"Ava and Miltan - OC" - 11" x 14" inches


Custom portrait commission of a character(s) from YOUR favorite Anime or Manga – hand-drawn in my style!

• I offer upper-body portraits (head to shoulder) for up to two (2) characters, without background.
Available Sizes: 9 x 12″ (23x31cm) or 11 x 14″ (28x36cm).
**For two (2) characters I recommend: 11 x 14″ (28x36cm)
That way, there will be a lot more space for both characters and also being able to add more details to the drawing.

• All of my portraits are traditionally hand-drawn using Crayola color pencil and graphite pencil, on high-quality Bristol paper.


1) Select the number of characters and size of drawing you would like to commission. Complete checkout.

2) Send me an email and include a short description of the character(s) and/or photo(s) you’d like me to draw. For photos, a high-quality picture is ideal so that I can achieve the best possible result:) My e-mail is greatfuzzball@gmail.com

3) I’ll keep you updated throughout the commission process, and will provide a draft sketch for you to approve. Any changes must be requested within 24hrs so that I can move on to the final drawing in a timely manner. This is the last chance for any changes before I complete the commission.

4) Once completed, the original drawing will be mailed to you. Approximate time of completion is 1 – 3 weeks from the date it was ordered. Frame it up and enjoy!

** Please note that all commission drawings are non-refundable and arrive unframed, so don’t hesitate to ask questions prior to placing an order. Thank you!


License and policies

• All Commissions are final sale. No returns or Exchanges.

• Finished commission drawing is for your personal use only and cannot be reproduced, commercially or otherwise, unless specified and arranged with the artist. Greatfuzzball (Victoria Yu)retains all rights to the image. Copyrights are not transferable with sale.

• If the commission contains any photos from the commissioner and/or the custom drawing original was purchased by the commissioner, Greatfuzzball will not use the artwork for any commercial purposes without permission from the commissioner.

• If the commission contains only official photos, pictures or figures and/or the custom drawing original was NOT purchased by the commissioner, Greatfuzzball (Victoria Yu) may use the artwork for any commercial purposes and future projects without obtaining permission from the commissioner.

Greatfuzzball © all rights reserved


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